Action Karting has a competitive race track with high speed go-karts suited for adrenaline junkies

What we offer

We have options catering for individuals and groups and if none of these options suit you or your group we will endeavor to structure an event to suit your requirements. Our various group booking packages are ideal for birthday parties, bachelor parties, team building, client/staff entertainment and product launches. Once you arrive at our venue we take control of everything to allow you to relax and interact with clients and colleagues. Bookings are essential for such events. Please call us to check on track availability.
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Go-Karting prices & packages

There is no need to book for arrive and drive, but it is advisable to give us a call and check how busy we are because the arrive and drive option operates on a first come first served basis.
Booking is only necessary for Venue Hire (Please note, all prices are inclusive of VAT)


Fun driving sessions for all individuals, groups, families.

3 Mins - R70.00
5 Mins - R100.00
8 Mins - R130.00
10 Mins - R160.00


We give you the opportuity to book our track for a whole hour, for more information please don't hesitate to contact us

1 hour - R3000

Common mistakes by Novice Drivers!!

There is nothing more thrilling than karting, especially with our new 270cc engines. Your main aim, besides having fun, is to better your lap time. Driving a kart is very different to driving a car and there are some common mistakes that hinder your speed.

Read these tips below and hopefully they’ll assist you in bettering your lap time ... happy karting!!

• Keep your hands in the quarter to three position with a nice firm grip.
• Don’t brake too hard around corners as you will lock the wheels and spin the kart.
• Don’t hit your brake and accelerator at the same time – people do this!!
• Don’t turn in to a corner too early.
• Steer smoothly and don’t over turn the steering wheel.
• Don’t worry about the other drivers on the track being faster than you – stick to your line and try and see where and why they are faster than you.

Karting is exhilarating and gets the adrenalin pumping. Remember that it’s not about being a quick driver. A quick driver comes with experience ….. it’s about driving clever, not driving hard and just having loads of fun!!